Introductory Diving

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Try Dive in Langkawi

Introductory Diving is open to everyone who wants to try diving in Langkawi. Please take note that to ensure fun, all dives are conducted on Pulau Payar Marine Park and to ensure safety this dive programme is conducted is a very small group by our certified SCUBA instructors and Divemasters.


What is introductory diving?

It is scuba diving for beginners. No previous scuba experience is necessary and it is a great way to try scuba diving, before committing to a learn to dive course. It allows you to scuba under the water, a great way to explore our Marine Park.

Introductory diving is also known as Discover Scuba Diving, because it is exactly that. These dives let you experience the Marine Park from a totally different perspective, allowing you to get up close with the colourful marine life. All instruction and equipment is provided and a professional Instructor will be with you the whole time, from getting into the water, to diving around the reef and returning to the boat.

Try divin with Scuba Club Langkawi
Who can do it?

Basically anyone aged 12 and over who passes the dive medical questionnaire can try an Introductory Dive. Please note there are some health ‘conditions’ which may prevent you from trying introductory scuba diving. The most common reasons include asthma, epilepsy, heart conditions and/or prescription medication (other than the contraceptive pill). These reasons are for your own health and safety in the water, so it’s important you are honest when completing the on-board, pre-introductory scuba diving medical questionnaire.

N: If you have any pre-existing medical conditions indicated on the questionnaire and/or are taking prescribed medications, then it is recommended you complete a dive medical prior to booking the tour and boarding the boat. This medical must be completed by a doctor familiar with dive practice. Also, pregnant ladies can not scuba dive for medical reasons.

Beautiful corals and marine life at Pulau Payar Marie Park


Introductory diving is completed in stages. Once you have decided you want to try this new experience out (and you won’t regret it!) qualified scuba Instructors provide safety and equipment briefings on the trip to the Marine Park. They also show you the basic hand signals that divers use to communicate with each other under the water. These are very important, as of course, you can’t talk when you are under the water.

Safety and equipment briefings complete, instructors will give an overview of the general knowledge of scuba diving, including some practical demonstrations on the basic skills you’ll need to complete when in the water. On arrival at the Marine Park, you will be provided with diving equipment and are shown how to put on your scuba gear.

Your Instructor will be with you every step of the way. On entering the water, they will make sure you are comfortable and that your mask is fitted correctly. When you are ready, you will descend with the Instructor to one (1) metre under the water. Here you stop, so you can practice breathing through your regulator and get used to not coming up for air (an unusual experience / sensation for first timers). Once you are comfortable, you descend another few metres and stop again, to become familiar with your new surrounds. Once you have indicated to the dive instructor that you are ready, they will take you by the hand on your Introductory Scuba Dive around the Great Barrier Reef, where you can get close to the fish and may even see a turtle!. Once you have completed your basic in water skills on your first dive, you do not need to complete them on subsequent dives on that trip. However, if you travel another day, you will need to complete the whole process again. If you have done upwards of 50 Introductory Dives (and there are people who have) we recommend you consider completing your Open Water Certification.