The BENEFITS of Scuba Diving

June 30, 2016


Whether the thought of scuba diving brings a feeling of excitement or one of panic, it’s definitely a sport with a long list of benefits. Most would guess that the only benefits are conquering your fears and taking your adrenaline for the ride of its life, it actually has very real benefits that can have a major impact on peoples’ lives.


At the risk of sounding like a cheap infomercial, scuba diving actually does have the ability to change your health, social life, and overall outlook of the world around you.


Health Benefits


Perhaps the least known benefits of scuba are the ones that can actually improve your health. Most would think that scuba could only have a negative effect, but this isn’t the case.

Some of the major health benefits of scuba diving include:

  • It’s a workout! Scuba is an incredible way to get your cardio and strength training in all at once. You are constantly moving and you’re working against the weight of water; no wonder you’re so tired once you resurface!

  • Iron Lungs? Scuba diving works your lungs in a way that no amount of time on a treadmill could. After a few dives, you’ll be surprised to see how much better you are able to breathe while doing other physical activities.

  • Stress Relief. Scuba diving is one of the few activities that offer stress relief to virtually anyone.

  • Healing. Studies have shown that your body uses oxygen to heal itself. Scuba diving increases the amount of oxygen in your blood, and therefore speeds up the healing process.

Scuba is Social


What better way to meet new people and make new friends than by socializing with those who share a love of the same things you do?

Scuba is definitely not a sport for loners since diving alone is one of the most dangerous things you can do. When you travel alone, you can be assured that you’ll be assigned a buddy within your dive group; and you have no choice but to become fast friends.

Scuba diving really allows you to learn to trust and appreciate people that you hardly know. Diving with a buddy means knowing all of their equipment, knowing any important information about them, and trusting them to help you if something should go wrong.

There really is no better way to make friends than by being put in a situation where the two of you must completely depend on each other. Plus, you’ll need someone to share cocktails with once the dive is over.




Anyone can travel to shop, visit, and look, but scuba divers get to experience new places unlike any other tourist. Everybody sees what’s on land and most people who travel to a new place all see the same museums, restaurants, shopping malls, and other landmarks.

Travel the world and the seven seas


Scuba divers get to see the incredible parts of new places that nobody else gets to see! While others are going home with pictures of landmarks, you’ll have photos from under the sea filled with marine life that most will never get to see.

Scuba diving also gives you the excuse to travel to places that are not as well known and that many travelers never even consider going. Some of the most excellent scuba locations are remote and relatively unheard of. Not only does scuba give you the benefit of getting to travel, it takes you to places you probably never would have gone otherwise.


Having Fun


Above all, and the benefit that applies to the most people, is that scuba diving is fun. The whole point of the sport is to test your limits, get your adrenaline going, and give you an experience that you will never forget. For most, any other benefits that scuba may have are just bonuses to the fun and excitement it provides. Scuba should really not be done for any other reason than that you love doing it.

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