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Pulau Payar is well-known as one of Malaysia best snorkel and diving destinations and a great place to learn to SCUBA dive, with white sand beaches, azure water and kilometers of coral teeming with riotous tropical sealife.

The nearby Pulau Payar Marine Park includes 4 small islands surrounded with coral reefs and are ideal for swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving. The calm and clear waters enable the visitors to enjoy the enchanting marine life, with average of 30-50 feet visibility in waters at the Payar Island Marine Park ensures satisfaction for diving activity at all times

At the southwestern tip of Pulau Payar lies a site known as Coral Garden, its one of the best marine playgrounds for divers, with spectacular views of multicolored and vibrant soft corals.

Other popular spots are the flat terrain to the east of Pulau Payar Marine park and the area to its west around Pulau Segantang that offers steep diving condition. The latter also provides an added incentive: you can literally have various sea creatures as company while you swim and explore the site.

Pulau Payar is just one hour away by ferry from Langkawi and for those who do not dive or snorkel, marvel at the spectacular sights below the surface from the large floating platform. The amazing colored fish seen when snorkeling will remain in your memory for years to come. Two tracking trails have also been made available for visitors to explore the flora and fauna of the island.

Pulau Payar Dive Sites

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Langkawi's Local Dive Sites


There are 101 islands around Langkawi offering a wide variety of diving. Some dive sites on the south of the island are accessible within 30minutes of our dive centre, where as in the north is around a 1hr boat ride.

For beginners and students we have shallow reefs offering calm easy conditions where schools of reef fish, anenomes  and nemo can be found.

For more advanced adventurous divers we have drift dives, deeper drop offs where large groupers and schooling barracudas can be found and beautiful soft and hard coral reefs.

The local sites offer great macro life for photographers and nudi entuasisasts. Also possible to see seahorse, frog fish and ghost pipefish. 


Langkawi's Local Dive Sites

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